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Prestolee SCITT Equivalency Testing

Please Note: 

Due to Coronavirus it is not possible for the Equivalency Tests to be taken in a traditional examination setting. The tests will be conducted in an online environment which will be invigilated. You must ensure that when taking the tests, you:

  1. have a computer with a camera and you remain in view of the invigilator
  2. can print off PDF/Word documents (up to 30 pages for the Mathematics and/or Science Tests)
  3. at the end of the Test send the materials requested electronically to the tutor
  4. within 24 hours of the end of the Test send papers by post to the tutor
  5. follow the conduct for online testing in Section 3.


What is Equivalency Testing?

Equivalency Testing is designed for applicants to professional training courses who have previously sat GCSE examinations but narrowly missed out on achieving a grade C/level 4 in any of the following subjects: Mathematics, English or a Science.

You can only sit GCSE Equivalency Tests if you:

  • have been directed to do so by the initial teacher training provider with whom you have an offer of a PGCE place
  • plan to commence your training in September 2022.


Please note that training providers do not automatically accept Equivalency Tests set by other providers. Therefore, acceptance of the tests for entry to a PGCE course is only guaranteed by the initial teacher training provider.


Our main priority is to offer clear support and guidance to help with the understandable stress of taking any of the Equivalency Tests. The online revision sessions help you prepare for any of the tests. Taking these tests should be regarded as a positive opportunity to realise your ambitions to become a fully qualified, professional teacher.

The following sections cover the key aspects of the Prestolee SCITT’s programme for Equivalency Testing: the fees and schedule for the tests and online tuition, the procedures necessary for tests to be completed with online invigilation and details of the three different tests.


Standalone Tests

If you are not able to join our online revision sessions or feel that, with some self-revision, your subject knowledge is already sufficient, we offer standalone GCSE Equivalency Tests in English, Mathematics and Science.

The cost of the standalone test is £95 per subject. If you are unsuccessful in passing the test in the first instance you will have one further opportunity to resist at no extra cost.

Dates TBC for the standalone tests.


Full Support Package

Our full support package offers 1.5 hour long online tutor-led revision sessions for each subject. These are held over four consecutive weeks in preparation for your Equivalency Test. These sessions are held remotely via Zoom and cover both subject content and question practise.

English, Mathematics and Science online revision programmes are available at a cost of £180 per subject. Candidates enrolled on a Prestolee SCITT QTS programme will receive a 10% discount. The dates and times of these sessions are listed below.

If you are unsuccessful in passing the test at the first attempt, you will have two further opportunities to resit tests at no extra cost.


Tutor-led Online Revision – Schedule of Dates

Below is an example schedule of dates. For all current dates and more information please contact

Subject Content Date
  • Numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratio.
Week One
  • Algebra, angles, area, volume, Pythagoras.
Week Two
  • Graphs, statistics, probability.
Week Three
  • Bespoke session 
Week Four


  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
Week One
  • Reading and understanding written text
Week Two
  • Writing effectively and appropriately
Week Three
  • Bespoke session 
Week Four


  • Biology topics
Week One
  • Chemistry topics
Week Two
  • Physics topics
Week Three
  • Bespoke session
Week Four


Regulations for the conduct of the Online Equivalency Tests

  • You will let the invigilator know you are there by posting ‘Present’.
  • The field of view of your camera should clearly show the place where you are working.
  • During the test you must have your camera enabled in the live meeting but with the microphone muted.
  • At the start time of the test, the invigilator will upload the Test Paper into the Files area or email you the Test. You should then print off the PDF/Word document.
  • For the Mathematics you answer on the printed PDF/word documents, for English you will need to have A4 lined paper and for Science an answer sheet will be provided.
  • At the end of the test the invigilator will indicate that you should stop working. You then send a message stating that you are sending your test paper to the tutor.
  • Work submitted after the deadlines without a sufficient explanation of any technical difficulties encountered will be regarded as unsupervised and is likely to be disqualified.
  • Candidate malpractice refers to any act that compromises or seeks to compromise the process of the tests undermines the integrity of results. In such circumstances it may be decided to disqualify the test result.


Communication of results

Results will be sent to you by email as pass/fail. If you fail the test the tutor will discuss you’re your performance in the test and give you constructive advice to help you prepare for a resit test.



  • Test Paper 1 – 50 minutes NO CALCULATOR allowed
  • Test Paper 2 – 50 minutes and calculator required
  • You answer on the actual test paper downloaded at the start of the test
  • Evidence of workings out will be expected when your Test Paper 1 is submitted.
  • After 50 minutes the invigilator will tell you to stop Test Paper 1 and begin Test Paper 2
  • At the end of the Test you need to immediately send an electronic copy of the front covers for both tests showing your final answers. You post your completed test papers to the tutor. This ensures that changes cannot be made to the test paper.



  • You download the test paper at the start of the test
  • You need A4 lined paper to write your answers to ensure spelling and grammar checks cannot be used. Word documents cannot be accepted.
  • The test is in two sections to be completed in 1hr 40 mins.
  • Section A: Reading. You should spend approximately one hour reading the text(s) provided and answering questions 1-4.
  • Section B: Imaginative Writing. You should spend 45 minutes answering either Question 5 or Question 6.



  • You download the Test and an answer sheet at the start of the test.
  • The test is in three sections: Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is to be completed in 1hr 40 mins.
  • Your responses to the multiple-choice questions and short answers should be written on the answer sheet which you send electronically to the tutor at the end of the test.


What happens if….?

  • I am late for the test?
  • I have problems with my computer during the test.
  • I suddenly cannot take the test on the day arranged.
  • I need to miss an online revision session.


Obviously, it is expected that individuals will make the necessary arrangements to take the tests on time and to attend the online revision sessions. But of course, there are times when unexpected events can suddenly change plans made. In such circumstances it is expected that you will respond professionally; taking part in this process is in fact the start of your teaching career. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances then simply explain the situation as soon as possible. It is likely that alternative arrangements can be made at no extra cost for circumstances beyond your control.


Upcoming Dates

English Equivalency

  • Tuesday 22nd February
  • Tuesday 1st March
  • Tuesday 8th March
  • Tuesday 15th March
  • Tuesday 22nd March (Exam)


Maths Equivalency

  • Wednesday 23rd February
  • Wednesday 2nd March
  • Wednesday 9th March
  • Wednesday 16th March
  • Wednesday 23rd March (Exam)


Science Equivalency

  • Thursday 24th February
  • Thursday 3rd March
  • Thursday 10th March
  • Thursday 17th March
  • Thursday 24 March (Exam)



“Thank you so much for the sorting us out with the maths revision sessions. 

Nigel is absolutely amazing, he is so supportive and a great teacher. I don’t think I have learnt this much whilst I was at school or college, I never had any confidence in Maths but I feel the way Nigel has taught us, I have gained confidence and believing that I can do it. He has been great!! 

I really appreciate the support”  


“Science isn’t something I enjoyed at school and I could never seem to get a good understanding. I actually dreaded having to resit. However, by my surprise I have really enjoyed the revision sessions with Nigel and I have gained so much knowledge when it comes to Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I am going into the exam on Thursday with confidence thanks to Nigel’s fantastic teaching methods and revision sessions. Additionally, Nigel has been on hand responding to emails and working sessions around us students. Please pass on my appreciation!”