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Mike Tonge
Rebecca Dunne
Vicky Gould
Lynsey Smith
Lee Handley
Amanda Broadhurst
Nicole Tyler

The Prestolee SCITT Team

Mike Tonge – The Accounting Officer & Executive Headteacher of Prestolee MAT
Rebecca Dunne – Strategic Director & Headteacher of Prestolee Primary School
Vicky Gould – Leader of ITT   .   Lynsey Smith – SCITT Lead Mentor   .   Lee Handley – NQT Transition Mentor
Amanda Broadhurst – Senior Administrator & SCITT Business Manager   .   Nicole Tyler – SCITT Administrator

Prestolee SCITT received ITT accreditation in 2015 following many years leading on ITT as a School Direct Lead School. Led by outstanding Leaders and Teachers, our programmes offer the most up to date theoretical training paired with tailored teaching placements across our network of partner schools in Bolton and Greater Manchester.
Wendy Childs
Stephen Lea
Sarah Taylor
Ruth Chandler
Rowena Cottingham
Rihannon Brown
Michelle Marsland
Krystyna Forster
Matthew Sharman
Lynsey Addleton
Louise Hoult
Liz Stanhope
Jacquie Hart
Howard Irving
Hayley Brown
Emily Fitchett
Sarah Shacklady
Danielle Alexander
Cheryl Unsworth
Carla Roberts
Caitlin Thomas
Becky Krool
Anmarie Cartwright

Prestolee SCITT Mentors

Throughout all your teaching placements you will be supported by a specially trained school-based mentor who will provide the guidance, support and challenge needed to ensure you are meeting all of the standards for QTS. This is in addition to the support you will receive from your Classroom Teacher, your Lead Mentor and the Prestolee ITT Management Team. This guided support is central to our ITT programmes.

Our trainees are privileged to work with such fantastic mentors who set high expectations for pupil achievement, model high-quality teaching, and act as ambassadors for the profession.

Mentors play a crucial role in supporting you during your initial teacher training through to successful teacher accreditation

The Prestolee SCITT Team